The Vita-Tube


Our 7-day pill keychain container has individually labeled compartments for each day of the week that lets you organize your vitamins, supplements, and pills with ease and convenience.


The exceptional design allows supplements to be prepared easily for the week with no hassle. The small design enables it to fit in purses, gym bags, lunch bags, luggage, diaper bags, or simply just attach it to your daily keychain.


The versatile design of our keychain makes it ideal when storing supplements. It allows you to prepare for just one individual day of the week or an entire week. 


This 7-day pill organizer is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. Each compartment seals tightly with a waterproof O-ring to ensure your supplements keep dry. It is designed to be used time after time. Each compartment should be washed and thoroughly dried before initial use.


An included keychain ring makes your travels easy and convenient. You can attach it to mostly anything and access it with ease when needed for your on-the-go accessibility.


This small and lightweight pill organizer is an ideal way of carrying supplements, vitamins, and pills for everyone!


The dimensions of the STAT Vita-Tube are:

Length 7.48 inches

    Thickness- .98 inches

    Each Compartment-1.22 inches


      Product Information:

  • Weighs- 2.7 ounces and 5.4 ounces for 2
  • Holds- 7 Days of pills
  • Materials- Aluminum Alloy






The STAT Vita-Tube

The best way to prepare, store, and carry your vitamins or medication for your fitness journey!

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