Powdered Supplement Case

Preparing and storing powder supplements with the STAT Fitness Station is easy and convenient!


The four 2 oz. containers are designed to hold up to 3 servings of the most common pre/post workouts. The four 4 oz. containers are designed to hold a 35 gram scoop when filled to the 3 oz. mark. This leaves room if all filled completely for 5 protein scoops, yet keeps the case from becoming too bulky. Extra containers can be purchased seperately in 4 packs for extra prep and to maximize storage space. These containers are top shelf dishwasher safe.


The included BPA-free, dishwasher safe silicone funnel makes filling the containers a breeze. Once all the containers are filled, it can be removed. This leaves the perfect spot for additional containers, energy gels, prepackaged pill supplements, or even your headphones. 


Stop forgetting your supplements at home, packing large tubs of unneeded extra powder, or wasting time each day measuring out servings. Get the STAT Fitness STATion, your one stop for supplements on the go!




The Snack Shack



Not only is our case great for supplements, but portion controlling of your favorite snacks! We are now offering another version of our cases called the Snack Shack! Our Snack Shack cases are packed with six 2 oz. containers instead of four, and will still have four 4 oz. containers, but will not include the funnel. The Snack Shack is perfect for packing snacks for school, work, road trips, or outdoor activities like trips to the beach or the zoo!


Product information

  • 8.5" x 5" x 3.5"
  • EVA/ Nylon outer shell - Black
  • Jersey cloth soft innerliner 
  • Weighs 11 o.z.
  • Gray UPC# 860008775405
  • Purple UPC# 865561000438
  • Pink UPC# 865561000452
  • Blue UPC# 865561000445
  • Green UPC# 865561000421



Powdered Supplement Case

The best way to prepare, store, and carry the essentials for your fitness journey!

Each Powdered Supplement Case comes with:
4- 2 ounce containers
4- 4 ounce containers
1- Funnel

Snack Shack

The best way to prepare, store, and carry snacks for everyday life activities!

Each Snack Shack case comes with:
6- 2 ounce containers
4- 4 ounce containers

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